2021 Las Vegas Challenge Media Policy

Jacquart Events LLC (“Producer”), Innova Champion Discs (Title Sponsor), Disc Golf Pro Tour (Media Sponsor), and event partners own all media rights to the LVC. All promotional & commercial media for print, radio, television, internet, and/or video publication must be approved. Promotional and commercial media includes any use of LVC material monetized or which promotes a brand, business, product, or service. Approved media will be supplied credentials to be worn at all times while at the facility. Spectators with cell phones are not considered media and are not granted media access.

Spectators and competitors using cell phones to share LVC images, videos, and stories on personal social media outlets via cell phones are welcomed, as long as such personal posts are in no way monetized or promote a brand, business, product, or service. Professional photography and video equipment are not allowed on site without media credentials, including but not limited to DSLRs and camcorders.

Wildhorse has been reserved for a private function. Public access is not guaranteed. All spectators shall behave appropriately. Unless otherwise provided, spectators may not play on any LVC courses. The 9-hole mini course and other extra-curricular activities may be played by all attendees.

All spectators and approved media shall abide by the following:

  • Cell phones must remain silent at all times while on the facility.
  • Do not approach competitors within 30 minutes of their tee time nor at any point during their round. This applies to Starter’s Tent area, the transition between holes, and while waiting to tee or play.
  • Remain at least 20 meters (66 feet) from competitors, all DISCatcher targets in play, and the greens.
  • Make every effort to maintain positions on the course that do not interfere with competitors or tournament play. Competitors and/or LVC staff may request you to reposition at their discretion.
  • Remain completely still when in close proximity to any competitor who is in the process of lining up or executing a throw.
  • Avoid being in direct sightline of players. This may sometimes be unavoidable, particularly around the putting area. Competitors and/or LVC staff may ask you to move.
  • Make every effort not to block a shot already set by a member of the media. Approved Media: Both still and video media share priority and are expected to demonstrate professional courtesy.
  • Approved Media: Position yourself so that camera shutters cannot be heard by competitors during the throwing motion, or begin shooting once the disc has left the competitor’s hand.
  • Violations of any of these rules are grounds for immediate removal from the facility.
  • Event staff reserve the right to revoke media credentials at any time.